Boraginaceae family

Some of the plants in this family are important because of the high mucilage. Others are bitter and has astringent effect. A lot of them are used in medicine and are known for their therapeutic effect.
Its subsidiary:
Cynoglossum: calm cough and has a mild narcotic effect.
Heliotropium: Bile reducer
Cordia Myxa: The fruit of Cordia myxa has long been valued throughout its distribution area for its sticky mucilaginous pulp, which is eaten to suppress cough and chest complaints, and to treat a sore throat, as it has demulcent properties. The pulp is also applied as an emollient to mature abscesses, to calm rheumatic pain and as an anthelminthic. In Tanzania the fruit pulp is applied on ringworm. In Mali and Côte d’Ivoire the leaves are applied to wounds and ulcers. A macerate of the leaves is taken to treat trypanosomiasis, and is externally applied as a lotion to tse-tse fly bites. In the Comoros the powdered bark is applied to the skin in cases of broken bones before a plaster is applied, to improve healing. Bark powder is used externally in the treatment of skin diseases. Bark juice together with coconut oil is taken to treat colic.
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